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How do we respond to the questions and issues
posed by the sexual revolution?

How can I know I am loved by God? 

What does it mean to say that
my body "tells God's story"?

Men and women across denominational lines are discovering the answers in the late John Paul II's 
Theology of the Body.

This bold, biblical response to the sexual chaos of today's world is transforming liveshealing relationships and saving marriages around the globe.

Christopher West, the world's most recognized teacher of the Theology of the Body, travels the world to present on how Our Bodies Proclaim the Gospel. 

Now, this much-in-demand presentation is available for homes and parishes as a program on 4 CDs with a study guide

Fueled by his wit, humor and passion for the Theology of the Body, Christopher presents this profoundly beautiful and life-changing vision of human life, love and sexuality in a way that Christians of any background can understand.

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